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BEECA is a South African Cleaning Association established and registered in 2002 as a non-profit making organisation. Its purpose has been to be a voice for emerging and established cleaning companies towards the private and public business community and provide a one stop shop for issues and problems faced by cleaning contractors. 

The need to establish an association such as BEECA was driven by the growth within the contract cleaning industry in South Africa and the lack of support for emerging empowerment SMMEs within this industry. The dramatic growth and expansion within this industry had created a definitive need for an alliance that will ensure that the needs of emerging empowerment businesses are addressed on an industry level. BEECA addresses the specific needs of emerging empowerment businesses and has become the representative organization for SMMEs within the cleaning industry in South Africa.

Our Vision

To be the preferred leading, sustainable and well recognized cleaning association that provides excellent services for its members in South Africa and beyond. 

Who Is Eligible For Membership

All legally registered companies within the contract cleaning industry.

BEECA’s Commitment

As a voluntary and non-profit association we are committed to:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Raising cleaning service and standards
  3. SMME development through:
  • Training
  • Representation

In order to develop effective SMMEs within the cleaning industry in South Africa.

What BEECA can do for you!


BEECA continues to improve on the support services to its members by renewing current benefit packages based on research and ongoing consultation with members. Our current services include:

- Training - skills, product knowledge, entrepreneurial, business management, customer service and labour relations.

- Advice on contractual obligations and implications.

- Advice on daily labour situations, developments, disciplinary and operational requirements.

- Training and development opportunities through relevant SETAs and private training institutions.

- Representation of members interests at government and collective bargaining forums.

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All legally registered companies within the cleaning industry are eligible for membership. Enjoy the support services received by other members in your industry to be able to lead your business to greater heights.

Conduct your business on a professional basis and with integrity. Become a member here!

Members Mandate

  • Members to keep confidential matters within the ambit of the Association, and any transgressions of this rule to be dealt with accordingly.
  • All business shall be conducted on a professional basis and with integrity. Members shall use their best endeavours to build and enhance the image and standards of the industry.
  • Members shall be fully responsible for the quality of all services supplied by them as well as the conduct of and the action of their company representatives.
  • Members shall not in any manner whatsoever be involved, whether directly or indirectly, in any unethical practices which for the purpose of this code shall include bribery and or corruption.
  • Members shall render services in accordance with the quality and standard of services which will be determined by contractual obligations with clients from time to time.

A Word From Our Members

Impact Cleaning CC is a proud member of BEECA. We hold this organisation in a high esteem and we are very grateful for the work that BEECA has done for the past eighteen years. Viva BEECA! Viva!
Impact Cleaning
"Musenga thanks BEECA for the effort taken to keep us updated with information and training throughout the year.
Musenga Investments
We at Walking Tall we put pride in rendering our services and it’s all thanks to BEECA for their outstanding provision of information in relation to cleaning. Walking Tall also recommends BEECA for their training as this up skills and educate cleaning service providers with adequate knowledge and keeping the standards of the cleaning industry. BEECA has taken much initiative to make sure that service providers are in line with regulatory compliance with the cleaning industry’s requirements thus Walking Tall appreciates all the best of services that BEECA has undertaken for and keeping alight of the cleaning industry. Thank you
Walking Tall

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